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re: StarParse


StarParse is an app that can be used to parse your damage, heals, etc during raids and other activities. To get the app, go to this website and download it.


When you open StarParse, you can join our guild's Raid Group by clicking on Raiding at the top of the screen, then choose Settings. Be sure to select the Raiding tab, then in the fields to the right enter the following:

Name: Big_Damn_Heroes
Password: Firefly

You don't need to add an admin password, just the above is fine.

When you want to parse yourself against the rest of the raid members who are logged into StarParse and connected to our raid group, click the Raid button on the right, wait for it to connect, then you can open up the Interface overlays. To do that, click Interface at the top and choose which overlays you wish to activate. I suggest having Personal Stats active at all times during raids. The other overlays will depend on what you want to see. If you're a healer, you'll want to see Raid Healing. If you're a tank you may want to see overlays for all roles so you know who is pulling higher threat based on their damage or heals. The overlays can be moved around the screen to make it easiest on you.

StarParse isn't necessary to be in raids with BDH but it is a useful tool. If you need any help with setting it up, please let us know.




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LotRO - Arkenstone - Sansanor 100 Hunter; Saffriel, 83 RK; Pypskweek, 81 Warden; Mathilanakh, R11 Warg
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